Some of the Services That We Offer


  • Wetland mapping, delineation and condition assessments
  • Artificial wetland and pond design
  • Wetland rehabilitation plans

Water Resources Planning

  • Catchment evaluations
  • Eutrophication, nutrient loading and trophic status evaluations
  • Lake and reservoir (dams) assessments
  • Reservoir rehabilitation and remediation plans
  • Phosphorus attenuation (nutrient reduction) procedures
  • Lake foodweb and fishery audits
  • Noxious and toxic algae management plans
  • Contaminant load modelling
  • Aquatic plant management planning
  • Shoreline restoration plans
  • Artificial lake and pond design
  • Saline system assessments
  • Management needs for marinas

Rivers and Streams

  • Determination of environmental water requirements (= environmental flows) for rivers, lakes and wetlands
  • Ecological buffer determinations
  • Thermal monitoring of stream habitats
  • Diatom-based water quality and ecosystem health assessments

Algal Toxins

  • Algal toxin analyses, risk assessments, management plans and guidance

Analytical and Monitoring

  • Formulation of bench-marked monitoring programmes and protocols
  • Phytoplankton identifications
  • Water quality analyses and assessments (physico-chemical) for all types of aquatic ecosystems
  • Water quality and system balance modelling
  • Salinity and salts (TDS) blend modelling
  • Sediment analyses - physical and chemical
  • Bathymetric mapping
  • Microbiological assessments and interpretation of conditions (freshwater and marine)

Landuse Planning

  • Environmental Management and Action Plan formulations
  • GIS mapping
  • Development Constraints Assessments

Project Management, Training and Education

  • Multi-discipline project management and facilitation
  • Training and lecture courses
  • Project Management and Secretarial services
  • Project review and international relevance validation