Empowerment Policy

DH Environmental Consulting subscribes to the principles of Affirmative Action and the empowerment of South Africans disadvantaged by the former political dispensation of this country. DH Environmental is, however, a small company with its skills vested largely in the experience and training of one person. The services that this company provides are both highly specialized and scarce. Accordingly, the services provided by DH Environmental are sought by a wide range of medium to large organizations that do not retain these skills in house.

DH Environmental actively aligns itself with companies having proven BEE and HDI management policies in place. Furthermore, DH Environmental is committed, where applicable, to providing skills and information transfer on a not-for-profit basis according to the Articles of Registration of IEMS Ltd (USA). In this manner our company, while not in a position to develop into a larger corporate structure, is able to provide a level of skills and expertise empowerment to a much wider group than would otherwise be possible.

BEE Status

DH Environmental Consulting (Pty) Ltd. qualifies as an Exempt Micro Enterprise (EME) with a Level 4 BEE certification (100% BEE Recognition).

Download BEE Certification (PDF).