Publications and Downloads

The following publications are available from DH Environmental Consulting.

Due to storage space constraints we are not able to host all of the files for download. If you would like any of the files that are not available for download, please contact us.


General Articles

Lake Management

Hartbeespoort Dam

Western Cape Vleis

Cyanobacteria and Cyanobacterial Poisonings


  • Guide to Common Diatoms
  • The relevance of diatoms for water quality assessment in South Africa. A Position Paper (WATER SA 31: 2005)
  • Diatomology in SA Biomonitoring: The SA Diatom Collection. (AFRICAN J AQ. SCIENCES 30: 2005)
  • Use of diatoms for monitoring rivers and streams in SA
  • Crocodile River Diatom Poster
  • International Diatom Symposium Poster

Research Reports

  • Phosphorus Loading Limits for South African Dams (Harding, WR: 2008) Water Research Commission 1687/1/08 (external link)
  • An Illustrated Guide to Some Common Diatom Species from South Africa (Taylor, J, Harding, W and C Archibald; 2007) Water Research Commission TT282/07
  • A Methods Manual for the Collection, Preparation and Analysis of Diatom Samples (Taylor, J, Harding W and C Archibald; 2007) Water Research Commission TT281/07 (external link)
  • A Research Strategy for the Detection and Management of Algal Toxins in Water Sources (Harding, WR: 2006) Water Research Commission TT277/06 (external link)
  • CYANONET: A Global Network for Cyanobacterial Bloom and Toxin Risk Management (Codd, G; Azevedo, S; Bagchi, S; Burch, M; Carmichael, W; Harding, W; Kaya, K and H Utkilen, 2005). UNESCO IHP-VI. Technical Documents in Hydrology 76
  • Current Approaches to Cyanotoxin Risk Assessment, Risk Management and Regulations in Different Countries (Chapter contribution, Harding W and P Kempster: 2005) Umwelt Bundes Amt, Berlin
  • The South African Diatom Collection: An Appraisal and Overview of Needs and Opportunities (Harding, W, Archibald, C, Taylor J and S Mundree; 2004) Water Research Commission TT242/04 (external link)
  • Cyanobacteria in South Africa: A Review (Harding W and B Paxton: 2001) Water Research Commission TT153/01
  • A Guide to catchment-scale eutrophication assessments for rivers, reservoirs and lacustrine wetlands (Rossouw JN, Harding W R, Fatoki O S; 2008/04/01) Water Research Commission TT352 (external link)
  • Characterization of the fishery assemblages in a suite of eutrophic and hypertrophic South African Dams (2010) WRC Report 1643/1/10
  • Minaturized water temperature loggers: Refinement of initial design (2011) WRC Report 1872/1/11
  • Development of a Diatom Index for Wetland Health (2010) WRC Report 1872/1/10