“Providing solutions to aquatic problems through assessment, education and planning.”

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SA’s Drinking Water Reservoirs are full of shit. Literally
30 September 2016.

(Guest post by Graham Sell – republished with permission – emphasis added) It was only when I started looking into the controversial award of a Water Use Licence (WUL) to Metsimaholo Municipality (enabling them to pump treated and partially-treated effluent from their Refengkgotso sewerage works into the Vaal Dam at Deneysville) that I realised how deeply … Continue reading »

Convention on monitoring of ship ballast water nears ratification – bbe technology ready
20 May 2016.

International Convention for the Control and Management of Ships’ Ballast Water and Sediments (BWM) Invasive aquatic species present a major threat to the marine ecosystems, and shipping has been identified as a major pathway for introducing species to new environments. The problem increased as trade and traffic volume expanded over the last few decades, and … Continue reading »

A South African election promise that I would like to hear, but probably won’t
15 May 2016.

I realise that quite some time back I missed the memo when it was announced that STOP signs were henceforth to be treated as a YIELD.  What I fail to grasp is why so many South Africans consider it clever or perhaps ‘cool’ to deliberately disobey this simplest and possibly most important rule of the road, … Continue reading »

So little water, so much poor management of it
17 November 2015.

South Africa needs an infrastructure revolution and a change in values if it is to avoid being left high and dry, writes Mmusi Maimane THEY say countries should never waste a crisis. We need to see South Africa’s drought and water shortages as such an opportunity. Our water system has reached a point where it … Continue reading »

DH Environmental Consulting is committed to providing its clients with solutions to aquatic ecosystem and water-related environmental problems through a dedicated process of assessment, education and planning, supported by one of the widest ranging and most experienced backgrounds in aquatic ecology available from a single source in South Africa.

DH Environmental focuses on achieving a balance between environmental and developmental needs such that workable and sustainable design elements are identified and integrated early in the planning or assessment phases.

Our skills and abilities are based on many years of proven experience, this reducing the amount of time that we need to spend on finding a solution for you. Typically we can go straight to the heart of the problem without incurring expensive and time-consuming exploratory work.

DH Environmental maintains a research focus in order to continually provide guidelines and methods for aquatic ecosystem assessment and management in South Africa and elsewhere.