“Providing solutions to aquatic problems through assessment, education and planning.”

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Deja vu… drought, wastewater re-use and the abandoned Athlone Power Station precinct
20 June 2017.

[This post originally appeared in Droplets in January 2011…] “I understand that the huge building that was the Athlone Power Station is being considered for a museum of some sort?  The odds are probably quite good that it will be developed into a shopping mall. The site is immediately opposite the long-overloaded Athlone wastewater treatment … Continue reading »

Thames Water ordered to pay record £20 million for river pollution
31 March 2017.

Thames Water Utilities Ltd sentenced in the largest freshwater pollution case ever taken by the Environment Agency (Press Release First published:22 March 2017). Environment Agency officers worked around the clock responding to reports of pollution Thames Water Utilities Ltd (Thames Water) has today (22 March 2017) been fined an unprecedented £20,361,140.06 in fines and costs for … Continue reading »

Sewage “spilling continuously” into Butterworth river (South Africa)
31 March 2017.

Residents and livestock suffer while year-old leak is unfixed (Droplets comment: readers of this sad story might be interested in the one that follows it…)   Sewage has been leaking into the Gcuwa River near Butterworth for more than a year. Photo: Mbulelo Sisulu Sewage has been leaking into the Gcuwa River near Butterworth for … Continue reading »

SA’s Drinking Water Reservoirs are full of shit. Literally
30 September 2016.

(Guest post by Graham Sell – republished with permission – emphasis added) It was only when I started looking into the controversial award of a Water Use Licence (WUL) to Metsimaholo Municipality (enabling them to pump treated and partially-treated effluent from their Refengkgotso sewerage works into the Vaal Dam at Deneysville) that I realised how deeply … Continue reading »

DH Environmental Consulting is committed to providing its clients with solutions to aquatic ecosystem and water-related environmental problems through a dedicated process of assessment, education and planning, supported by one of the widest ranging and most experienced backgrounds in aquatic ecology available from a single source in South Africa.

DH Environmental focuses on achieving a balance between environmental and developmental needs such that workable and sustainable design elements are identified and integrated early in the planning or assessment phases.

Our skills and abilities are based on many years of proven experience, this reducing the amount of time that we need to spend on finding a solution for you. Typically we can go straight to the heart of the problem without incurring expensive and time-consuming exploratory work.

DH Environmental maintains a research focus in order to continually provide guidelines and methods for aquatic ecosystem assessment and management in South Africa and elsewhere.